Keep Hydrated and Stay Salty!

Discover the importance of hydration and electrolyte balance for low-carb diet success. Learn how to stay hydrated and balanced with electrolytes.

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Staying hydrated and maintaining good electrolyte balance, can help you through many challenges in low carb eating, especially early in your journey!

Have you heard of things like “Keto Flu”, “Paleo Flu” or “Sugar Detox”? Clearly, dieting doesn’t give you the flu, so what are these sayings about? And, why do some people seem to experience them, and some people, not at all? Let’s try to understand all this a little better!

Why am I feeling this way?

Hydration is important for our body. It helps with skin health, brain function, mental sharpness, digestion, kidney function and can even help improve our immunity (the body’s ability to fight infection). When we limit our carbohydrate intake, which is common in most healthy eating plans, our bodies change the way we burn energy, and that process, doesn’t allow us to hold onto water as well as before. It’s normal, it’s means your body is healthy. But you need to replace that water!

As we replace our water intake, it is also important to replace our electrolytes. As fluid leaves our body, it takes Sodium (salt) and other electrolytes like Magnesium with it. When we lose these elements, we can have symptoms like muscle cramps, nausea and fatigue. As you can see, our bodies are delicate creatures! Replacement of electrolytes can be done easily these days, you can get powders, tablets and prepared drinks to help. But, read your labels, there can be many hidden sugars, so please be careful! My favorites are “LMNT” and “Liquid IV sugar free”. Both of these can be found on Amazon.

My tip is to measure out your daily recommended water intake for the day (3.5L for men and 2.5L for woman typically). Set intake goals for yourself to meet throughout the day, keeping it evenly spread out. Over time, it will be part of your normal lifestyle!

Our bodies are machines, and like machines, they need the right fuel to work at top capacity. On your journey to health and fitness, give yourself all the tools for success, and a healthy, hydrated body, is a great tool! So Cheers to you!!

Thanks for reading,

Sheri, RN
Head of Nursing Services

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