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Clinical Support

Sheri Zarrella, RN

Head of Nursing Services

Bachelor of Science in Nursing Fitchburg State University

I have struggled with obesity my whole life as well. It’s a long and difficult journey. Success is more than having a procedure, it’s a mental game, that all of us can win! Stay dedicated, know that we all fumble at times, and each day is a new accomplishment!

Sheri graduated with a BSN from Fitchburg State University in 1999 and has been a dedicated Registered Nurse for 24 years. One of her most impressive accomplishments is her own weight loss journey, which has provided her with a unique and insightful connection to the Bariatric population. Sharing these personal stories has been both encouraging and motivating for her and her patients alike. Sheri firmly believes, “Nursing isn’t what I do, it’s who I am!”