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Gastric Balloon

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What is a Gastric Balloon?

Rapid results, lasting confidence

A gastric balloon is a grapefruit-sized round ball that sits in your stomach, offering a reversible and non-surgical option for weight loss.

15-minute procedure.
The procedure takes 15 minutes. After 6 months, the doctor performs another endoscopy to remove the balloon. With the balloon in your stomach, you feel full sooner, stay full longer, and tend to eat less overall.
Non-surgical. No scars.
The balloon is placed through the mouth into your stomach while you sleep.
Quick recovery.
You can go home on the same day. Most patients take 1-3 days off work.
Average weight loss1
6-month post-procedure average weight loss2
1-year post-procedure average weight loss1
More effective than weight loss achieved through diet and exercise alone2


Who is a Gastric Balloon is for?

Anyone with a body mass index (BMI) over 30
Anyone with a body mass index (BMI) of 27 - 29.9
plus one of the following conditions: high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, sleep apnea, and fatty liver disease
Gastric Balloon candidates

Why a Gastric Balloon works

The science Behind Gastric Balloon's efficacy

The gastric balloon encourages healthier eating by enhancing satiety and extending digestion over six months.

Makes you feel full sooner.
With a gastric balloon sitting in your stomach, you will feel full sooner as it occupies space in your stomach.
Slows down gastric emptying.
Food stays in your stomach longer, prolonging the feeling of hunger between meals3
Reshapes your eating habits.
This 6-month duration with the balloon offers a unique chance to reshape your eating habits and redefine your relationship with food.


Gastric Balloon vs. other weight loss solutions

Weight loss solution comparison
ESG Stomach Tightening™
Gastric Balloon
Bariatric Surgery
Gastric Bypass or Sleeve Gastrectomy
Ozempic and Wegovy
Types of intervention
Non-surgical. No hospitalization required
Non-surgical. No hospitalization required
Surgery. At least 1 night at hospital
At-home weekly injections
Average weight loss at 12 months
Long-term efficacy
Durable outcomes. Average of 16% weight loss sustained 5 years after ESG 4
Significant weight regain after 12 months 5
Durable outcomes 6
Significant weight regain after discontinuing use. Most gain ⅔ of their lost weight within 1 year 7
60-min procedure. 1-3 days off work
15-min procedure. 1-3 days off work
1-3 days of hospital stay. 2-4 weeks off work
Weekly adherence required
Major complications
Rare (<2%)
Rare (<2%)

What sets us spart

Our Gastric Balloon program is unique

Bariendo’s Gastric Balloon utilizes best practice protocols refined through a decade of research with year-long personalized support.

Only the world’s best doctors vetted by prominent bariatric endoscopists
The rapidly advancing field of endoscopic weight loss, proven effective for tens of thousands of patients, is still relatively new. Our Scientific Advisory Board, comprising the nation’s top researchers in this area, rigorously evaluates and ensures that all our doctors meet high standards and follow research-backed protocols.
Combination therapy with medications for enhanced weight loss
The emerging field of combining endoscopic procedures with weight loss medications is led by Dr. Jirapinyo, our co-founder. Our comprehensive treatment packages include prescribing a weight loss medication after the endoscopic revision procedure to further augment the amount of weight loss. (The costs of medication are not included; however, the medication may be covered by your insurance).
Sustainable lifestyle changes through a dedicated care team
Our support doesn’t end once the procedure is complete. For 12 months, you have direct access to a multidisciplinary team consisting of your physician, physician assistant, registered dietitian, exercise coach, and patient liaison. We also provide you with a smart scale that allows our care team to monitor your weight loss journey in real-time.

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