Diet, check! Exercise, check! Sleep?

Don't let unhealthy sleep patterns sabotage your weight loss journey. Discover the surprising link between sleep and weight loss.

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Did you know that sleep can impact your weight loss journey? Unhealthy sleep patterns can lead to an imbalance in some hormones, like cortisol (the stress hormone), and make weight loss more difficult.

After a good night’s sleep, you tend to feel more motivated, focused and less stressed. Adequate sleep, which for most adults is 7-9 hrs, improves immunity, mood, memory and because your hormones are more balanced, your metabolism tends to be more balanced as well!!

Try to unwind and snuggle up early!

Most of us are busy. We go from early morning wake ups, straight to work, back home, make dinner, then screen time to unwind. Well, did you know that a good night’s rest starts long before your head hits the pillow? It does!

Try to put down your phone an hour before you plan to hit the hay. Reducing blue light exposure, an hour before bedtime, has been shown to help your mind shut down.

Stay on task! We all follow a crazy schedule. Make a schedule for yourself at night. Lay down at the same time each night. Develop a routine for yourself. Trying to go to bed at the same time nightly, will help train your brain, and can help falling to sleep a bit easier. 

Another tip is to take a warm shower at night. Most of us are used to showering in the morning, but taking one at night,  will help wash the day away!

Try some guided meditation. Find a quiet place, turn off the lights and turn on the app! Many of these can be found online, some as short as 3 minutes.

Sleep has many benefits. Let’s face it, we all know that a bad night’s rest, doesn’t make for a great day ahead. Like water, and proper nutrition, sleep is vital to our bodies. It recharges us, allows our hearts and brains to rest. It allows our digestive system to regulate. And, in terms of weight loss, it helps our bodies normalize important hormones that aid in metabolism, fat loss and satiety (which is our mind’s way of telling us we are full).

You have taken the steps to better your health. Don’t stop short! Go the distance and set yourself up for success! Eat healthy, stay hydrated, work those muscles and get some sleep!!! Good Night All!!

Thanks for reading,

Sheri, RN
Head of Nursing Services

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