ESG vs. Gastric Balloon

Learn more about the benefits of ESG and gastric balloon, two endoscopic procedures that can help you achieve your goals.

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Most people are aware that weight loss procedures and weight loss medications exist. In this week’s newsletter, I will discuss the benefits of 2 procedures we offer patients.

ESG Stomach Tightening™, or endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty and IGB, Intra Gastric Balloon, are both effective weight loss tools. Let’s dive into the benefits of these unique procedures.

Tough Choices!

ESG and the IGB are endoscopic procedures. Neither will leave scars or incisions and are done with the help of a thin and flexible endoscope.

ESG Stomach Tightening™ uses sutures to fold the stomach lining in, like an accordion, tightening the stomach down about 70%. By making the stomach smaller, patients feel full faster and lose on average, 18% of their total body weight. To put it in real numbers, if you weighed 200 lbs, you could lose about 40 lbs!

IGB is a balloon that is inflated in the stomach, taking up space to help patients eat less, and will also make them feel fuller, longer. This balloon stays in place for 6 months, and patients lose on average 10% of their total body weight. So, if you weighed 200 lbs, you could lose about 20 lbs. After the 6-month mark, you would have the balloon removed, and no permanent changes would have been made to your stomach!

Both of these procedures are reversible, although, the ESG has better long-term results, and is rarely reversed. Both procedures are considered safe and pose low risk to the patient. You will need to be on a strict diet progression with either and the recovery is quite similar. You will go home same day, no hospital stay is needed. Additionally, both the ESG and IGB have shown to improve high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes.

Regardless of your weight loss decisions, a healthy diet and exercise impact the results of any procedure.

I am not recommending one over the other. And these choices are personal. So do your research and stay informed.

It gets confusing when making decisions as impactful and important as these. Our team at Bariendo can help navigate you through your options and discuss any of these points in detail. We look forward to talking with you!!

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