But I Want to be Healthy.

Discover three daily habits that promote a healthy lifestyle. Learn how walking, mindful eating, and better sleep can transform your health and well-being.

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I think a common theme today, isn’t just that people want to lose weight, they want to be and feel healthy. Research shows that there are some routines, that seem to be common in people who live healthy lifestyles. Let’s explore my top 3!

Does that really make a difference?

Being healthy is more than what you eat, and what you weigh. Being healthy is a lifestyle. It’s the choices you make throughout the day. There are some consistent daily activities that occur in healthy living.

1. Walk after you eat.

We have definitely touched on this before, and I am not saying take a long walk after every meal, so let me explain! After you eat, your body turns food to energy, storage of that energy can happen as fat, in the liver, or used by the muscles. If you take a walk (or even stand and do some squats), your body will send the signal that your muscles are working, and they need the energy first. Why does this matter? I’m glad you asked! Sending the energy to be USED and not STORED, will help lower fat storage, and keep glucose (sugar) levels in the blood more controlled.

2. Eat with fewer distractions.

This is a tough one for most of us. But eating without TV, your phone or not snacking while you work, keeps you present. You may feel present as you mindlessly scroll through Instagram, but eliminating distractions while you eat, will allow you to eat slower, focus on how you feel as you eat, when you feel full and chew slower. All these things can lead to less food being consumed and better digestion.

3. OK, here it comes, this one seems to be a common theme for so many of our lifestyle improvements…… Better sleep leads to better decisions!

Yup, it’s back, sleep! Restful sleep effects most parts of our overall health. It effects our hormones, stress, productivity and our eating habits. Working on a routine to sleep better will improve many aspects of your life. Try to go to bed and wake up at the same time, every day. Turn off electronics an hour before bed. Turn the light down at that time too. Most people not only want to make better decisions when rested but are capable of it.

Of course there are many more, but these 3 are a great start. Maybe you tackle one at a time. Add one a week, or a month. Developing a routine in your life, does not have to be time consuming. Over time, it will just be what you do and who you are……Healthy!

Be good to yourselves,



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