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Chelsea D’Ascanio, DNP, MSc, CRNA

Head of Anesthesia Services

Doctorate of Nursing Practice Northeastern University, Boston

I care for every patient like I would my own family. Your comfort and safety are my top priorities.

I am Chelsea D’Ascanio, DNP, MSc, CRNA, with a BSN from Quinnipiac University (2012), an MSN from the University of Phoenix (2014), a specialized MSc in Anesthesia from the Nurse Anesthesia Program of Hartford through CCSU (2018), and a DNP from Northeastern University (2022). Board Certified as a Registered Nurse Anesthesiologist since 2018 and bolstered by 11 years in healthcare, one of my hallmark contributions is the development of the ERASE Protocol for Endoscopic Bariatric & Metabolic Therapies, aiming at postoperative efficiency and patient safety. At the core of my practice is the belief that every patient deserves care akin to that I’d give my own family, with a primary focus on comfort and safety.