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Glorimar lost 30% of her weight and found a healthier and happier life with ESG

After losing 50 lbs on the ESG journey with Dr. Jirapinyo, I now sleep better, have more energy to run and stay fit, and feel like a completely new person.

Bariendo ESG Stomach Tightening™ patient
Total weight loss
53 lbs
Percentage lost
Months since procedure

Before embarking on my weight loss journey, I was struggling with health issues, and my weight was at an alarming 178 pounds. I was faced with the looming threat of diabetes, and my blood pressure was through the roof. I had intended to lose weight for the sake of my health, but despite numerous attempts with weight loss drugs and workout programs, I was unable to shed those stubborn pounds.

That was when I discovered the Endoscopic Sleeve Gastroplasty (ESG) procedure and Dr. Jirapinyo. After hearing numerous testimonials and researching extensively, I took the following steps. As a predominantly Spanish-speaking individual, I was drawn to Dr. Jirapinyo not only for her vast experience but also for the way she simplified complex medical language in which I could understand and answer all my questions with precision and patience. She always ensured I was comfortable, which made the process so much easier.

The results have been nothing short of miraculous. Today, I weigh 125 pounds, a massive weight loss that has drastically improved my health. The best part? The procedure was pain-free and so easy - I’m down 53 pounds. I am no longer on the brink of diabetes, and my blood pressure has stabilized. I now sleep better, have more energy to run and stay fit, and feel like a completely new person.

To anyone contemplating ESG or simply starting their weight loss journey, my advice would be: do it! There is no reason to hesitate when it comes to your health. The procedure is worth every penny and the results are life-changing. The positivity and happiness that you will gain from seeing a healthier version of yourself are unparalleled.

Looking forward, my plan is to maintain this healthy weight, continue eating a balanced diet, and prioritize my well-being above all else. I can’t emphasize enough how transformative this journey has been for me. And yes, without a doubt, I would recommend ESG to anyone looking for a weight loss solution. It’s not just a procedure; it’s a step towards a healthier, happier, and more fulfilling life.

My experience with Dr. Jirapinyo was outstanding, and I am certain others will find the same level of care and dedication from her as I did. Your health is worth it, and with ESG, you are one step closer to a healthier you.