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Andy lost 30 pounds under Dr. Jirapinyo's care

Thanks to the Bariendo Group’s holistic approach and dedicated care, I’ve embarked on a successful weight loss journey, losing 30 lbs and moving confidently towards my goal.

Bariendo ESG Stomach Tightening™ patient
Total weight loss
30 lbs
Percentage lost
Months since procedure

After many years of unsuccessfully trying to lose weight and improve my overall medical condition, I came across the Bariendo Group.

I was fortunate to have found them.  They took the time to answer all my questions with great patience.  It is a complete program from pre procedure, post procedure, healing process, exercise program, dietitian, etc.  I am so very impressed with them. Dr. Jirapinyo is one of the best you can have to take care of you.

She is very caring, making you confident with your decision to have the procedure done.

My post procedure professional was Cameron.  For a month, she called me and answered all my concerns.  Her guidance made the beginning liquid diet a breeze.  Everyone is so caring and driven for your success in losing weight.  I totally recommend this group. So far, my weight loss journey is happening. I’ve lost 30 lbs so far and are well on my way to my weight loss goal!

Andy Ansley