Lecturas y Discusiones de Casos

Adéntrese en la endoscopia bariátrica con Bariendo. Nuestros médicos y asesores pioneros comparten conferencias, entrevistas y discusiones de casos para obtener conocimientos más profundos.


Obesity Is A Disease. It’s Time We Treat It Like One

Research Review: Deep Dive into Endoscopic Suturing Weight Loss Procedures

History of Bariatric Endoscopy: 10 years of ESG (Endoscopic Sleeve Gastroplasty)

Lecture: Not all ESG is the same & the importance of training

Is Obesity Making Your GI Health Condition Worse?

Exploring the Aftermath: Dr. Jirapinyo Discusses the Anatomy Post-Bariatric Surgeries

Lecture: Effect of obesity management on fatty liver disease

Obesity Management and Liver Disease - Pichamol Jirapinyo, MD | USA

Ozempic And Weight-Loss Procedures: Benefits, Costs And Risks

Estudios de Caso

Live ESG Stomach Tightening Demonstration with Dr. Christopher Thompson

Case Study: Gastric bypass patient with weight regain

Live Demonstration: Gastroplasty with Endoscopic Myotomy (GEM) for Treating Obesity.

Case Study: Endoscopic evaluation prior to bariatric surgery