Get Stronger not Just Smaller

Did you know that resistance, or strength, training helps burn fat better than cardio?

Obesity is a worsening pandemic with numerous related comorbid illnesses. Conservative management including lifestyle modification and medications have limited efficacy. In contradistinction, bariatric surgery is effective, however, with substantial cost and non-negligible morbidity and mortality. As such, a small percentage of eligible patients undergo surgery. Over the past decade, endoscopic bariatric and metabolic therapies have been introduced as a less invasive option for the treatment of obesity and its related comorbid illnesses. This article reviews major endoscopic bariatric and metabolic therapies, their surgical analogues, and proposed mechanisms of action. Clinical trial data for each device also are discussed.Every reliable product review should start with an introductory paragraph. This is your chance to hook your readers right in and let them know what to expect. Are you reviewing one product or comparing a few? What is the full name of the product(s)? Share with your readers your expertise in this area; your frustration with products out in the market that haven’t met your needs; and why this review will offer them the ins and outs of the product’s benefits.


The benefits of resistance training are endless

Less fatigue, better sleep, improved joint function and increased bone strength. Even mood and self-esteem can improve!
The benefits of resistance training
Many videos on resistance band workouts, or beginner dumbbell workouts can be found online. If you don’t have equipment, no problem, look up videos on body weight and isometric workouts. And remember to modify it to your level of comfort. — Here are videos of body weight and isometric workouts

We all want to be healthier, and for many of us, that means being smaller or weighing less, but being stronger may help us with long-term, and overall health and success

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