Gastric Bypass Repair, Really?

Most people have heard of Gastric Bypass weight loss surgery. It has existed for many years, actually the first one was done is 1967!
For people with a significant amount of weight to lose, it has proven to be a great surgical option. Some people have been known to lose 60% of their excess weight!! However, what are the choices if you find that you have gained weight back after having such a big surgery?

Do I Need Surgery Again??

So, you made the choice to have Gastric Bypass surgery, and had success, maybe you also made huge improvements to your diabetes and your sleep apnea has resolved itself. Amazing!!! But you noticed that you have been able to eat more than usual, and you are slowing gaining weight back, what could be happening? 

Many may think, you’ve gone back to your old habits, you aren’t exercising like you should be, you’re eating too much!  While this may be true, there are also physical changes that can happen causing weight to regain and unintentional overeating! 

Let’s review the gastric bypass surgery. A surgeon will take a small amount of your stomach and create a “new stomach”, called a pouch, attach it to a loop of bowel, causing a BYPASS of food. This new pathway can stretch over time, causing food to pass through too quickly, and not create that feeling of fullness. With food going straight through the pouch, you will be able to eat more than usual, not feel full and can also have some other unpleasant symptoms, like frequent diarrhea! So what can be done if you find yourself in this position?? Another surgery isn’t the most appealing option!

There are ways to treat many of these complications endoscopically!! Yup, you heard that right, endoscopically! No incisions, no long hospital stays, all done through the mouth!! It’s a procedure called an ESD/TORe (Transoral Outlet Reduction). This is where the new attachment, between the pouch and the loop of bowel are tightened, causing food to be retained in the pouch longer, giving you that feeling of fullness once again! This endoscopic option gives people a 12-15% total body weight loss on average. 


I know it must seem discouraging to have gone through such a surgery and feel like it’s all falling apart. You’ve done such hard work, and it was worth it! There are options to get you back on track. Don’t suffer in silence, we are here to help you, listen and find the best choice for you!

Thanks for reading,


Sheri, RN
Head of Nursing Services